Osaka-bay Ship's Navigation Support Council

fishing method -Pair Trawlers

information of Pair Trawlers

As for this fishing, two drag boats pull one net in pairs, and one ship the search of the school of fish, another one carries catch of fishes.

The fishing season

allowed period

Young sardines fishing 11st Jan to 25th Dec(except 1st Feb to 10th April)
Young sand eels fishing 2nd Feb to 10th May

harvest season

Young sardines fishing April to Nov
Young sand eels fishing late Feb to March

The fishing time

Sunrise ~ 15:00

leave port about Osaka-Bay

Osaka...Haruki, Kishiwada, Izumisano, Tannowa, etc
Kobe.....Kobe, Akashi, Awaji, Kariya, etc

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